Happy summer, friends! We officially welcome the new season June 21, but since we're well into the high temps already, a date on the calendar won't stop us from making the transition a little early. 

Summertime is a state of mind, after all, so if you need help getting there, these LR must-haves will do the trick.



But first, SPF. By now you know sunscreen should be part of your daily routine no matter what, but that goes double for hiking Pinnacle or hitting the neighborhood splash pad. For something a little higher-end than drugstore options, shop Belle & Blush's selection of sunscreens that includes the full line of Supergoop! products, aka the brand on every beauty guru's short list. 


Go-To Hat

Sun protection, heat relief, pool hair — the reasons for popping on a hat in the summer are endless, as are the number of times we do just that. This bright trucker hat from Fringe is perfect for your next escape to Hot Springs, and the straw hats from Bella Vita are a stylish summertime dream.


Snow Cones

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Longtime readers won't be surprised to hear I'm already two weeks deep into Cajun Sno visits by the time this issue hits stands, and I know I'm not alone. If snow cones aren't your frozen treat of choice, a scoop from Loblolly Creamery, popsicle from Le Pops or sundae from Scoop Dog are more than acceptable alternatives (or second desserts) to beat that scorching Southern heat.


Lawn Lounger

Some days there's no exploring to be done, only the all-important task of hanging around the grill and snacking in the shade until mealtime. For those sacred days, we opt for the iconic folding lawn chairs from Domestic Domestic. A patio couch is great, but there's something about these nostalgia-packed seats that remind you what the season's supposed to feel like.


Local Sips

You don't need us to tell you nothing hits like a cold drink in summer, but we'll never stop talking about all the delicious drinks created here in the city. There's no shortage of local beers and seltzers, iced lattes and limeades, but my latest obsession? Diamond Bear's Big Rock Root Beer. For extra deliciousness, visit their taproom and get it over ice cream in a big, frosty mug.


Bug Repellant

Those after-dinner drinks under the patio lights at Hill Station, the nighttime concerts in The Rail Yard, the aforementioned cookouts, they all make summer even sweeter. Unfortunately, bugs think so, too. Before you let them chase you indoors, try Skeem's all-natural candles and sprays from The Full Moon. They get the job done and actually smell nice in the process. So long, suckers.