The River Market will welcome a new collaborative-minded coworking space this summer. Announced this week by the Remolinos Group, Stoko is an updated office concept coming soon to downtown Little Rock. The space will be located at 610 President Clinton Ave. (the building that formerly housed Conway-based coffee shop Zeteo) and will also be home to a second location of East Village coffee shop Fidel & Co.

We spoke with Taylor Stokes, founder and owner of Stoko, to get a further look into the membership-based office environment and how you can get involved.


The building at 610 President Clinton Ave. in downtown Little Rock, where a coworking space featuring the second location of Fidel & Co. Coffee Roasters plans to open.

When did you first have the idea for Stoko?

TS: I attended a creative conference about five years ago where the idea was introduced to me. I was fascinated by the concept of providing a space where others could pursue their own dreams and passions. And if they aren't in the entrepreneurial world, a place where people didn't feel siloed just because they work alone or at home by themselves.

Looking further into the idea, you also see how great places like this are for small businesses that may not be able to lease and furnish their own offices. The idea was to provide a space that is fully furnished and equipped with all of the office essentials so all you have to do is show up ready to work.


What kind of environment can members expect?

TS: Outside of our private offices, suites and conference rooms, the space is pretty open and collaborative. Our goal was to stay as far away from anything that felt or looked corporate. You will find no cubicles here. We wanted to provide a space that creatives could dream in, but also where business leaders could hunker down and work. Furnished with desks, couches, risers, tables and several phone booths, there are plenty of options to work in whatever way you feel most comfortable. Our hope is that even though this is an office space, people feel at home.


What will the layout look like?

TS: When you enter through the front doors, you'll be greeted by Fidel & Co. where you can grab a coffee and a snack if you'd like. Behind that you'll enter into our more collaborative area. Keep walking and you'll find our dedicated desks and private offices. There will be two conference rooms, a podcast room, three phone booths and a break area where you may store your lunches for the week or grab a beer or glass of wine to end your day.



What does Stoko mean and how is it pronounced?

TS: Stoko (stoke-o) actually came from a typo. I was looking at the phrase "smoko," which is an Australian slang term for a coffee break or a "step outside of the cubical." When sending the idea to a friend, I misspoke and called it "Stoko" instead. The name just kinda stuck.


What will the Fidel & Co. menu look like?

TS: You can expect to get all of your favorite Fidel & Co. coffees at this location. Dealing with a smaller kitchen, you will see a slightly altered food menu from the East Village location. Rest assured, all of the most popular items will still be there.


To learn more or pre-reserve a membership, visit the Stoko website and fill out the contact form. Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook for the latest.

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