Trey Clark
Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts

GPA: 4.191

College attending: University of Chicago

Colleges accepted to: University of Chicago, University of Arkansas Honors College

Honors & Achievements: Computer Science and Robotics Club president, first place BEST Robotics, BEST Robotics Founders Award, Model U.N. vice president, 2018 & 2019 EAST Initiative Leadership Team

Career goal: I want to be a part of something that brings change. I don't want to work for material possessions, just to pass on said material possessions; I want to make the world better. If possible, I want to be a part of a project or organization that fights things like climate change or class injustice.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life: I don't believe in role models, but Nicholas Seward, the computer science instructor at ASMSA, is the closest thing I have to one. He helped me look at more than just code in a different way; he offered to me a new perspective on how to view goals and generally live in a more positive way. If I had to pick the most beneficial part of ASMSA for me, I would pick Seward.