Camp Taco, the latest from popular local restauranteurs Yellow Rocket Concepts, is just days away from opening to the public. The small-batch brewery and taco joint announced today it will officially open this week, having completed its transformation of the former Rebel Kettle Brewing space at 822 E. Sixth St.

A branch off of Lost Forty Brewing, Camp Taco began from a desire for the brew team to experiment with recipes and fun ideas, eventually growing into a concept restaurant that is jam-packed with nostalgia. 

"The space [takes] inspiration from both summer camp and woodland camping across the decades," said Amber Brewer, creative director and brand manager for Yellow Rocket, "everything from 1967-inspired seating to television displays from the '80s to wood paneling from a company that hasn’t changed their product since 1972, [to embody] a cabin and campsite that’s been in the family for generations."

Fans of the original location will remember the great patio and turf-lined yard space, complete with a stage for live entertainment. These elements are all still on site, but with the Camp Taco treatment, faux kerosene lamp and bug repellant wipes included.

The menu was created by executive chef Scott McGehee and his team, and is a mix of mostly dips, tacos, salads and bowls, as well as the so-hot-it-comes-with-a-warning Mexican ramen available with slow-braised beef or adobo mushrooms.

The Camp Taco team kept vegans in mind when planning the menu, starting strong with an appetizer lineup that includes a "cheese dip-inspired vegan dippable snack" that has been turning heads and taste buds. 

Tacos come in a variety of proteins and flavors, including chile-lime chicken, pork shoulder pastor and the "rainbow fish" tacos featuring grilled mahi mahi, salsa, dill crema, cilantro and jalapeños. 

Salad options offer fresh takes like the tijuana caesar salad with roasted poblano pepper strips and the peace out bowl with a base of rice and beans, but don't expect the typical uninteresting duo of many a local Mexican restaurant. Think: flavorful jasmine rice with diced veggies and a blend of black, red and white beans with green lentils.

If you save room for dessert, you have your choice of pillowy sopapillas or popsicle flavors (boozy or straight) like mai tai, cafe con leche or root beer.

But, as to be expected, the drink menu alone — aka the "counselors lounge" — is worth the visit. Along with a few favorite Lost Forty brews, Camp Taco has already launched a handful of its own, including the citrusy hefeweizen, fruity kolsch and cisp Munich-style dunkel.

Themed mocktails and cocktails like the delicious lava lamp-a-lada (a frozen blend of piña colada and strawberry margarita) make sipping fun. And if you're there with a crew, you can tackle the buddy system, a literal punch bowl filled with a seasonal cocktail served over an ice block, plus lots of straws.

Camp Taco has yet to announce a specific opening date or hours. For the latest updates and to plan your first trip, follow Camp Taco on Facebook and Instagram and check out their website.

Update: Camp Taco will open at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 12.