“Vintage Arrangement” by Megan Lewis oil on panel, 30” x 24.”

“Vintage Arrangement” by Megan Lewis
oil on panel, 30” x 24”

See more of Lewis' work in her exhibit "Common Beauty" on display at Cantrell Gallery through Oct. 30.



"Why is an old Arabian teapot so beautiful? Did you know it’s length and breadth form a perfect square? How might I set and light it to relay its loveliness to others? These are things I ask myself. This collection of paintings does not fall within a theme, it makes no social or political statements, nor does it try to shock or surprise you. I hope you can simply enjoy looking at what I found to be quite beautiful."



Megan Lewis was born in Kansas City and received a bachelor of fine art degree in painting from the University of Kansas. Her work is in many private collections and some corporate collections, including UAMS in Little Rock, Arkansas. Lewis works almost exclusively in oils, noting, "It's a wonderful medium — powerful in presentation, but able to yield to the artist’s will."

"For me, painting is a balance of practiced principles and intuition," Lewis says. "Together, these two create a kind of visual poetry. It’s more cerebral than you might think. Good design often involves a lot of trial and error, but it’s worth wrestling for!

"Applying color is a bit like juggling several balls at once. With each brushstroke, the artist must judge the value, hue, temperature and intensity as it relates to neighboring colors. I love the moment when I know I’ve got something, when loveliness begins to emerge on the canvas. It never gets old! I think I will always love it."

Lewis currently lives and works in Little Rock. She is an associate member of Oil Painters of America. In addition to painting, she teaches a few private students.

"I hope my paintings reflect the beauty I find in the created world," Lewis says. "My husband built a wonderful studio next to a pond a hundred yards from our house. Each morning I pack my lunch and head down there for a day of painting. What a joy and privilege — a gift from God — to be able to do what I love every day."

Learn more about the artist at meganalewis.com.