Children’s Protection Center (CPC) provides compassionate care to children and their families to overcome the trauma of abuse.

CPC has had unprecedented growth in the number of children served within the last two years. In 2018, we saw 429 children, and 903 in 2020. We expect to exceed these numbers in 2021. A much-needed expansion project is underway, providing growth and enhancement of forensic interviewing, mental health and advocacy programs, while adding a medical component for victims of abuse. To overcome barriers to access, the center will also open a new satellite location in North Pulaski County.


Your monthly gift over three years will ensure increased hope and healing for years to come.

• FRIEND: $42 monthly equals $500 yearly.

Over the last two years, CPC has experienced a more than 200% increase in services provided to Pulaski County’s abused and neglected children. This unprecedented growth has made our expansion project an urgent and critical priority.

• SUSTAINER: $84 monthly equals $1,000 yearly.

• HEALER: $209 monthly equals $2,500 yearly.

• GUARDIAN: $417 monthly equals $5,000 yearly.

• RESTORER: $625 monthly equals $7,500 yearly.

• ADVOCATE: $834 monthy equals $10,000 yearly.

• BENEFACTOR: $1,250 monthly equals $15,000 yearly.

1210 Wolfe St.
P.O. Box 165815
Little Rock, AR 72202
501.364.5490 | childrensprotectioncenter.org

Established: 2007
Employees: 13
Service Area: Pulaski County

Executive Director: Jennifer Long