As the state’s premier urology practice, Arkansas Urology provides comprehensive treatment services to men and women of all ages. Since 1996, it has offered patients the most effective, state-of-the-art procedures in a caring and compassionate atmosphere. This physician-owned practice has grown to serve more than 105,000 patients at 14 locations.

The AU Foundation connects Arkansans from all walks of life to comprehensive health care and wellness through education, collaboration and advocacy. The AU Foundation raises funds, heightens awareness and provides access to AU’s programs and services across Arkansas on a daily basis.


• Fund a screen: $50

• Support local Patient Assistance Funds for patients needing help with prostate cancer care: $125

• Fund health care screenings for 5 men across Arkansas: $250

• Help provide online patient education once a quarter for OAB, BPH and all other urology issues: $500

• Fund the research & treatment innovation for patient care: $1,000

• Support the inaugural Arkansas Urology Foundation scholarship fund for a high school or college student whose life has been impacted by prostate cancer: $2,500

1300 Centerview Drive
Little Rock, AR 72211
501.219.8900 | arkansasurology.com/foundation

Established: 2018
Employees: 350
Service Area: Statewide

Director of AU Foundation: Chris Shenep