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The last touch to any great outfit is scent. Since this issue is devoted to fall fashion, it felt appropriate to highlight the season’s most desired fragrance brand, Byredo. Founded in Stockholm by Ben Gorham, the collection has more than 20 scents, each one uniquely its own while also having that distinct Byredo essence.

If you spend any time on social media, you've probably spotted one of their most popular scents — either Gypsy Water, Blache, Bal D’Afrique or Rose of No Man’s Land — sitting on the vanity of some celebrity. The minimal packaging is easily identifiable while the scents remain complicated yet familiar. Gorham often describes his goal as translating memories and emotions into each scent.

All Byredo scents are unisex, easily wearable for day or night and can be layered to create your own personal fragrance. Some of the scents are carried over to lifestyle and home products such as hand lotions, body creams and candles. The problem is not finding one scent you love, it’s trying to find only one.