Patients are referred from all over the world to Little Rock’s Real Life Faces Alloplastic Reconstruction for its unique prosthetic technologies and lifelike artistry, including its RealLifeEye prosthetic eye and RealLifeSkin prosthetic skin for facial and somato prostheses.

According to owner Michael Kaczkowski, the original clinic began in 1999 and new, unique prosthetic technologies were introduced in 2011. Hailing from New York, Kaczkowski trained in Manhattan with the NYU Medical Center, has over 30 years of experience and is a prosthetic skin technology pioneer, creating several companies and clinics with special technologies sold throughout the world.

Pediatric cases are among RLF’s specialties, including newborn, and actively works with Arkansas Children’s Hospital and the physicians and medical professionals who help our state’s children. Kaczkowski is from a family of veterans and RLF caters to our nation’s heroes as well as mission work, like donating prosthetic irises in Zambia. Kaczkowski has also created prostheses for movie stars, models, celebrities, politicians and in print magazines, documentaries and television shows like ER:

• With The Center’s RealLifeSkin™ and RealLifeEye™ technologies, the “Real Life Center” is the nation’s foremost facility for the planning, designing and creation of lifelike prosthetic restorations.

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