This Saturday, May 1, is the first annual 501 Day highlighting central Arkansas and everything local. 501 Day is the celebration of Arkansas and all the towns, cities and communities within the 501 area code.

The Downtown Little Rock Partnership officially stamped May 1 as 501 Day back in February. When they made that announcement, the folks at 501 Fest saw that as the best opportunity to utilize this day to celebrate their city and culture by joining together for food and entertainment.

This year, 501 Fest will be held at the corner of Main and 13th streets in the historic SoMa district. The fest will feature a vendors market full of brands originating right here in central Arkansas, food from restaurants on Main Street and a lineup of live music including Bijoux, The Rodney Block Collective and DeFrance. 

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On 501 Day, businesses and organizations will show their pride with special 501-themed offers, activities, merchandice, public art displays and whatever else they dream up to celebrate the region they are proud to call home.

On InstagramFacebook and, 501 Day and the Celebrate 501 movement now have a public platform for people to share what they love about central Arkansas year-round, culminating with the annual event on May 1. 

To learn more about what cities fall in the 501 area code, see a list of activities and offers happening on 501 Day, and purchase 501-themed merchandise click here.

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