Anna-Grace Swindle
GPA: 4.3

The Baptist Preparatory School

Colleges accepted to:

University of Arkansas, Baylor University, Louisiana State University

Honors & Achievements:

National Honor Society since ninth grade, Beta Club since ninth grade, Student body vice president, Vice president junior class, Cheer captain

Career goal:

I plan on double majoring in biomedical engineering and Spanish and go on to medical school. I wish to be a forensic pathologist.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life:

I have had amazing teachers but one English teacher has stuck in my mind. Although we had very different views, her class made me widen my horizons. Instead of writing billions of essays, she would sometimes assign creative projects, forcing us to think out of the box which has changed the way I approach a lot of things in my life. Going into the class I never would have thought I would learn to knit for a final project on “A Tale of Two Cities.”

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