Alex Swindle
GPA: 4.3

The Baptist Preparatory School

Colleges accepted to:

University of Arkansas, Baylor University, Loyola University New Orleans

Honors & Achievements:

Student Council treasurer, Senior Class secretary treasurer, FBI Future Agents In Training Program, National Honor Society, Beta Club

Career goal:

My goal is to be a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life:

Throughout high school, I have been blessed to have an incredible and awesome Spanish teacher who has taught me so much more about the language and the culture than I ever expected and has given me so many opportunities and missions to use my Spanish out in the field. In addition to helping each of her students in the classroom, she also has a deep desire for each and every student to grow closer to God each day, serving as a spiritual leader and mentor for the entire school.

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