Sergio Markin
GPA: 4.4

eStem High Public Charter School

Colleges accepted to:

MIT, University of Chicago, University of Arkansas

Honors & Achievements:

Quiz Bowl All-Star, National Merit Finalist, eStem Excellence in Science Award, Cuong Nhu 1 Brown Stripe Rank, Made Scrambled Eggs Without Ruining Them

Career goal:

I want to have a career in STEM or the creative arts. My dream is doing something that I love and in a way that I get to help others around me. I also want to get more consistent at cooking eggs that are actually edible - is that a career goal?

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life:

Captain Pursley has always supported my interest in STEM and put up with my ridiculous science questions that I bombard him with after class. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher, Captain!

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