Amber Shumaker
GPA: 4.019

Pulaski County Special School District
Wilbur D. Mills University High School

College attending:

University of Central Arkansas

Colleges accepted to:

University of Memphis, Arkansas Tech University

Honors & Achievements:

Honor Graduate, All Region Orchestra, Soccer team captain, 2021 Defenders of Potential Advocacy and Leadership Development member

Career goal:

My career goal is to become an orthodontist. I plan to make a long journey through school to complete my major in biology and get my dental degree. After school, I will complete my residency and get certified as an orthodontist. I plan to find an orthodontist clinic to work in until I can build my own from the ground up.

I hope to make everyone smile and help everyone I can, even opening my clinic up to those that have no insurance and are immigrants. My sole purpose will not be to just straighten smiles, but make everyone’s smile brighter to make them confident in their smile so we can have more people smiling in a dark world.

Tell us about the teacher, coach or administrator who made a difference in your life:

Mr. Cameron, my AP biology and computer science teacher, helped me become confident in my ability to work. He helped push me through both my classes and helped me become confident in my own knowledge.

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