The not-so-new normal of COVID-19 has been daunting and isolating. Over the past year, we’ve tackled remote work, near-constant Zoom meetings and virtual celebrations. We’re finally seeing a light at the end of the (coronavirus) tunnel, but that doesn’t mean our anxiety, or its corresponding negative effects, have disappeared.

Now more than ever, our mental health needs a reset. We caught up with the pros at putting smiles on faces, Tipton & Hurst, to find some self-care items to help manage our everyday challenges, no matter how abnormal our everyday looks. 


For the stir-crazy WFH warriors:

COVID-19 burnout is real, especially for those who have spent months at home. Combat the WFH fatigue with bright floral arrangements made with sense-stimulating blooms like peonies, dianthus or garden roses. Need to wind down instead? Opt for bunches of eucalyptus and lavender that promote relaxation and enhance health.


For the early mornings and all-nighters:

Coffee limit, exceeded. Reduce stress and get an energy boost from Arkansas-made sweet treats like Lambrecht Gourmet, Ozark Nut Roasters or a decadent mug of Loblolly Creamery’s hot cocoa. Because it’s never too early (or late) for chocolate.


For the long-awaited return to the office:

Hello, real clothes. Ease the transition back to the workplace with a small indoor plant. Studies show low-maintenance varieties, such as pothos and sansevieria, can help alleviate stress. They also naturally filter toxins and clean the air for those much-needed deep breaths.


For a moment of peace at the end of a long day:

Relieve anxiety and calm the central nervous system with a luxurious bubble bath, complete with Musee bath bombs and Thymes fragrances. Pair with a Nest or Capri Blue candle for a full spa experience at home. 


With the demands of work and home life, it can be tempting to let our mental health fall by the wayside. And although even small moments of self-care can help, if you need additional assistance, visit for resources on free emotional and behavioral health services.


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