Bloom Salon officially opened its doors March 1 in the heart of Hillcrest, located in the former Haus Werk space. They first announced they were opening five weeks ago on Instagram, and as of Monday, this super cute salon is open at last. 

Because of the pandemic, there was no grand opening party or open house, but as soon as the pandemic is over, Bloom owner Maygie Stallings wants to celebrate. For now, her team is focused on filling the salon with the best products and finishes as well as the best and most talented stylists.

"My vision for Bloom, it’s reflected in the name," Stallings said. "My hope in all of this is for you to feel beautiful when you leave Bloom because you have grown to love yourself just a little more than you did when you walked in. But beyond the salon services, I want Bloom to be a light in the community."

Bloom Salon is certified as a Green Circle Salon, which means it endeavors to recycle 95% of the waste that comes from beauty products. 

"I know it’s cliche, but I’ve been blessed," Stallings said, "so I feel the need to give back and this is the platform I’ve been given. Because of that, we’re a Green Circle Salon, which means we’re dedicated to recycling, recovering and repurposing beauty waste. We’re also supporting other local businesses by carrying their products, and I want to do what we can to support local causes. The idea is to reduce our footprint environmentally while we leave an even bigger positive footprint locally. Think global, act local, be a force for good. I wholeheartedly believe in my stylists and want this to be a salon that supports its stylists and invests in their success."

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Stallings anticipates there will be challenges ahead. Opening a small business during a pandemic isn’t ideal, especially one that is potentially subject to restrictions. But even with those restrictions, and the ongoing construction in adjacent units, Stallings is optimistic about Bloom's future. 

"I believe in my vision for my salon and the vision for this building," Stallings said. "It’s going to be a focal point for the whole neighborhood and it’s going to look amazing. Everything fell into place as far as the timing, the opportunity and the availability of an incredible space and I knew that this was the right move."

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