Snow day! As the inches pile up, it's hard not to get distracted by the winter wonderland outside the window. Our advice? Take some time to make it special whether you cozy up indoors or get out to explore.

To get you started, here are some fun ideas from our sister publication Little Rock Family.


Where to Go Sledding in Little Rock

If you are able to venture outside of your neighborhood, try these slopes in public parks or take some suggestions from Little Rock Family readers.


Five Family-Friendly Instant Pot Meals

Cozy, easy and guaranteed not to cut into your sledding time. Put these crowd favorites on the menu tonight.


How to Celebrate Black History Month in the Metro

Take a break from the snow angels and take advantage of virtual Black History Month programming from around town. Looking for something to read? Try these kid-friendly books celebrating diversity and Black history.


Indoor Activities and Crafts to Prevent Cabin Fever for Kids

Got some old winter clothes laying around? How about some extra duct tape? Get creative and try these fun crafts.


An Arkansan’s Guide to Surviving the Winter

A bit baffled by all this snow? You're not alone. Here are some practical tips from home maintenance to physical safety.


How to Make Your Own Hot Cocoa Bombs

Now this is how you end a snow day.


However you plan to tackle the snow, tag #heysoiree in your photos and we just might share them with our readers. Have fun and stay warm!