The Me & McGee Market is partnering with Chef Josh Smith and The Southern Standard to bring an official food truck to this family-owned, year-round farmers market.

The food truck will feature recipes made with ingredients sourced from local farms, bakeries and vendors that sell at the farmers market. 

"Partnerships are a huge part of what has gotten Me & McGee to where it is now," owner Logan Duvall said in an announcement on social media. "I am super excited to announce a new one with chefs Josh Smith and Jamie McAfee: our very own food truck. What you find at the market is going to be showcased right here as a staple all the time."

The chef duo are well known throughout central Arkansas, McAfee a past competitor in the Governor's Culinary Challenge and Diamond Chef Arkansas and Smith having spent the last decade at Grumpy's Too in west Little Rock. They launched The Southern Standard food truck at the end of 2019, but with this new partnership, Smith says they can play a bigger role in stimulating business for local producers. 

"When I first started this venture, I wanted to be local," Smith said. "That's why I put it on the side of the truck. The exciting thing is giving something back, not only in jobs, but taking things from local farmers to help support their families is an integral part of what I want to do."

One of the dishes Smith and Duvall are excited about is the burger.

"The burger is going to be key," Smith said. "It is going to be local, from a family right here in Arkansas, not too far from here. We're maybe going to add some extra fat to it just to give it a little bit more flavor, but the key is that we are going to use everything from the market  all the produce, all the bread and all the seasonings. We're going to take the market and show you how you can do that either on a truck or at home. It's going to be really simple food that is also going to be delicious, and it is going to be as healthy as we can possibly make it."

The food truck will also produce take-home dinners and cold meals on a weekly rotation. Current menu items include chicken marsala, beef stroganoff and a mushroom melt sandwich, as well as drinks like turmeric lattes and French hot chocolate. 

The Southern Standard truck will be open 10:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Sunday. Additional information about the food truck and the Me & McGee Market is available here.