Every member of the Catholic High School faculty and staff plays an instrumental role in continuing the tradition of aiding boys’ spiritual growth and providing quality academics. Mrs. Shannon Fratesi has been with the Catholic High family since the 2014-15 school year and currently teaches general chemistry and geometry. With more than 15 years of classroom experience, she shared more about teaching at Catholic High and what it means to be a Rocket.


What does the Catholic High experience mean to you? 

"Everybody throws around the word 'brotherhood,' but I see it firsthand every day in the way the boys interact with each other and support one another. Everybody here really is part of one big family and you feel it in the respect and the love from everyone."


After spending time teaching at schools in Mississippi and Little Rock, what drew you to Catholic High? 

"I had always heard people raving about Catholic High, and the more I heard and learned about the administration, I knew it was where I wanted to teach. As soon as I got here, I knew I was home. I’m so thankful I get to teach at the best place with the best students and faculty."


What's unique about the education at Catholic High? 

"We hold our students to a higher standard. No matter what, they know we expect them to give their very best. The boys know we’re committed to them and we want nothing more than to see them succeed."


What has been the most challenging part of teaching chemistry during a pandemic? 

"It’s been a little sad that we aren’t able to have labs or do as much group work, but I am glad we haven’t tried to jump into anything too quickly. We’ve always had a priority to protect our students and faculty, and that has made all the difference."


Over its history, Catholic High School has prospered and become known for its excellent academics and timeless discipline. The faces and names differ, but the spirit persists. From the first class in 1930 to the latest group of freshmen, every student at Catholic High is “always a Rocket.” To learn more about the Catholic High experience and how to apply, visit lrchs.org