This collection of locally made or sourced wellness products are crafted from the highest quality ingredients and include an extra dash of TLC.

1. This concealer provides great coverage and is available in a wide array of shades. Available at WINC and BELLE & BLUSH.

2. These floral remedies are all custom-made and a wonderful source of healing. Available through ANGELA ALEXANDER and HUMAN DESIGN.

3. The local brand’s most coveted product, its rich texture is ideal for nourishing skin during these cold months. Available at ARKANSAS YOGA COLLECTIVE, BOX TURTLE, BELLA VITA and THE GREEN CORNER STORE.

4. This mask is perfect after an indulgent weekend or great for spot treatments. Available through various local consultants.

5. Designed to “liberate your body, mind and spirit.” We'll take two. Available at BOX TURTLE.

6. Founder Abbi Siler personally creates all the blends and recommends trying the cherry chamomile or gentle dreams tea to relax your body and mind.