Dr. Evan Newbolt
LASIK & Cataract Surgeon, McFarland Eye Care

I love practicing ophthalmology because, in it, I found the perfect combination of my two passions: science and helping people.

LASIK is particularly rewarding because the result is so instantaneous. A person comes in completely unable to see without contacts or glasses and in 10 minutes, they are able to experience the world around them without those limitations.

I feel very blessed getting to be a part of stories like that every day at McFarland Eye Care. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional patient care, and it’s really what drew me to the practice from the start.

Who I Am

How we ease patients’ fears:
We have an extraordinary team that makes the patient feel right at home. I feel that’s the key to easing anyone’s fear of eye surgery. We really strive to treat our patients like family.

What I love about my profession:
Ophthalmology is a unique profession in medicine because it is so technologically driven. There have been astonishing advances in the ability to help people see better since McFarland Eye Care opened in 1983. It’s exciting to me to see how these advances are improving the lives of so many people.

What sets your practice apart:
At McFarland’s, we embrace new technologies and implement them into our practice. For example, we offer laser cataract surgery, and our LASIK lasers are the most advanced available. This allows us to provide better and safer outcomes for our patients.

The future of your profession:
The ultimate goal is being able to provide more and more patients with the option of having wonderful vision independent from glasses and contacts. This includes utilizing advancements in refractive procedures like LASIK as well as new premium lens options with cataract surgery.

Operating room playlist:
The Point 94.1 - Classic Rock (KKPT). It’s some of my favorite music, and it seems to put patients at ease hearing familiar songs from the past.


• Doctorate of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
• Board Certification from the American
• Board of Ophthalmology