Dr. Byron Wilkes
Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon, McFarland Eye Care

My passion is reconstructive surgery. This encompasses trauma, cancer and of course, cosmetic procedures. My ideal practice, which I am fortunate to have, allows me the latitude to perform these procedures on a daily basis. Oculofacial plastic surgery is unique in that I focus my reconstructive efforts on the structure and function of the face and how it relates to the health of the eyes.

Who I Am

What I love about my profession:
During a typical clinic, I could see patients ranging in age from 2- to 90-plus years old. I enjoy discussing cosmetic rejuvenation procedures including our newest and most innovative ways to treat the aging face and neck.

What sets my practice apart:
The reason I made the move back to Little Rock was to join McFarland Eye Care. I can say, without reservation, the team I have the privilege of being a part of is what sets my practice apart.

Favorite procedure right now:
Currently there is a movement in plastic surgery to offer minimally invasive procedures that offer real results with less downtime. I am thrilled to be able to offer these innovative procedures to my patients.

My philosophy:
I tell patients on a daily basis, ”I grew up in Arkansas, I know what people around here want to look like.” I take pride in restoring natural facial features, without making someone look like they flew to the West Coast for their surgery.


• Doctorate of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
• Honors in Research 2006, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
• Board Certified, Fellowship-Trained Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon


• Eyelid Lift
• Reduction of “bags” around the eyes
• Brow and Forehead Lift
• Elevate Under Chin Lift
• Non-Surgical Face-lift Procedures
• Botox & Fillers