Kami Ball Tran
Counselor, The Healing Place Therapies

Imagine you are walking in the woods, alone. The dense trees cloud the sky. It’s dark; the type of darkness that envelops you. You’ve been wandering these woods for so long. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed and alone. This is where I meet you. Through holistic, individual therapy we walk together on the path of healing.

The Healing Place Therapies is a holistic therapy practice focusing on women’s issues, trauma and anxiety. I provide individual therapy to individuals seeking to heal their deepest wounds, both old and new. The Healing Place Therapies is open to all individuals and an ally to LGBTQQIA and BIPOC members as well as a body inclusive practice.

While I’m a therapist and the owner of The Healing Place Therapies, I’m also a woman, wounded child, daughter, warrior, wife, space holder and friend. I feel the same pressures and insecurities as you: but together, we can emerge from the shadows and into the light.

Who I Am

What I love about my profession:
Connecting with my clients. I get to be with them on this incredible journey of healing and self-discovery. It’s such a privilege.

Three words that describe me:
Authentic, Nurturing, Open

What sets my practice apart:
I meet you where you are, providing transformational healing from a holistic perspective.

Our motto:
Our motto originates from a beautiful greeting of the Natal tribe in Southern Africa. In their culture, one greets another by saying “I see you,” and the response is “I am here.” It’s the core of the work I do: helping people to feel seen, heard and valued.

The biggest misconception about my field:
Something has to be “wrong” to go to counseling. Counseling is just exercise for your mind and spirit.


• Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor
• Registered Play Therapist-Supervisor
• National Certified Counselor


• Anxiety
• Trauma
• Women’s Issues
• Teens