The Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund helps to create stronger, more educated and more self-sufficient families. With financial assistance and personal support from ASPSF, single-parent students pursue their education, increase their income and change the standard of living for their families. Here are some of their stories.


Meet Elisabeth. 

Elisabeth (pictured above) is a hard-working mother with a heart for helping and healing others.

“I wanted my career choice to be something where I could help people daily, where I could be a positive influence in other people’s lives.” 

Elisabeth always felt drawn to the healthcare field, but she often doubted herself. She remembers being awarded an ASPSF scholarship

“They gave me a chance,” she says, adding that it was eye-opening. “It gave me confidence. It gave me the encouragement I needed and didn’t have.” 

Today Elisabeth is a proud nursing student and well on her way to a rewarding career.


Meet Bria.

Bria is a single mom and an aspiring pediatrician, working hard to set an example for her daughter Hazel.

Bria welcomed Hazel into the world the summer before her junior year of college. Caring for an infant while in school was a struggle, but Bria says her daughter only gave her more determination. With the help of ASPSF scholarships, Bria was able to make ends meet and continue her academic journey.

Hazel recognizes her mom’s hard work. She is quick to share with others that her “mommy is going to be a doctor!” Bria recently graduated from UCA and is preparing for medical school, continuing the pursuit of her childhood dream. 


Meet CJ. 

If you ask CJ, a father of two, the most important aspect of parenting is setting a good example. After a string of layoffs at his job of 16 years, he was let go and left contemplating his next step. Determined to show his boys the power of education, CJ enrolled at UCA. 

“When I learned I was going to receive the scholarship, I was relieved, very relieved. It was the only financial aid I was eligible for,” CJ explains. “There were times for my family that this scholarship bought groceries or bought gas so that I could get to work.”

CJ graduated last year with a bachelor's degree in logistics and transportation. He’s enjoying his new field and is looking forward to working his way up with his new degree in hand.

“I want to show my kids I mean it when I say education is important.”


Meet Suzan. 

As a newly single mother, Suzan knew she needed a path to a stable, sustainable income. 

Interested in both science and helping others, Suzan decided to enter nursing school. Her program was demanding — one of the most difficult on campus — and, at times, Suzan questioned her ability. Then she learned she had been awarded an ASPSF scholarship. 

“They really think I’m going to be able to pull this off,” she remembers thinking. “It gave me that first dose of confidence that I really needed because I didn’t have a lot at that time.” 

Today Suzan is thriving in her career, earning both a high income and many awards in her field. 

“I’m really proud that I can take care of myself and my family.”


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