Despite all the classes, certifications and training, there's nothing that can quite take the place of life experience. The next best thing? Learning from your friends' experiences. If you need us, we'll be taking notes from Soirée's 2020 class of Women to Watch.


"Some days will be really hard and you will question whether you should be doing this. Don't filter your entire career through the lens of one bad day. Get through that day or season by doing the next right thing."

- Ashley Trover


"It would’ve been nice to know that most of my experience would be gained through simple trial and error while navigating evolving projects at small agencies. It was challenging work I was humbled by and will always be grateful for."

- Amanda Seevers


"It is imperative to trust yourself and honor what your gut tells you in the big moments."

- Katelyn Avery


"That it's always OK to say, 'I don't know' or 'I need help.' Doing so helps you be transparent and connect with others. It also helps you learn new skills and prevents you from really screwing things up."

- Amy Bradley-Hole


"It is never too late to make a change. If what you are doing doesn't bring you fulfillment and happiness, find something that does."

- Sarah Riffle


"Hire a counselor or executive coach. Opportunities in leadership came early for me and there are plenty of wince-worthy stories on the highlight reel. Learning and understanding my own triggers taught me how to operate with grace and understanding."

- Heather Nelson


"Graduating college doesn't mean you will get a job, much less a job you love. I learned the hard way and ended up creating my own path when I saw the opportunity."

- Bailey Moses


"Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to achieve your goals. Even though they may think you're crazy, they still support you."

- Tisha Kelly


"How much emotional fatigue I would experience. I have developed a healthy work-life balance, but it took time to get there. For those like me who are competitive and passionate, that can really be difficult to learn."

- Kayla Applegate


"It is OK if you don’t have your career path lined out exactly. Trying to figure that out at a young age was stressful for me. It’s OK to grow your skills and find your passion along the way."

- Kaleigh Marsh


"Struggle is inevitable, so always find joy in the process. Honor the struggle because struggle is necessary for growth."

- Dr. Traci Kiernan


"In the spirit of entrepreneurship, opening a business requires funding. Develop a network with your colleagues early on and share information about which financial institutions are receptive to your demographic."

- Dr. Cara Jones


"It’s OK not to know everything, but it’s equally important to be resourceful. With evolving technology, I have taught myself how to manage social media, create websites, SEO, graphic design, product management, etc. And I am still learning."

- Sara Hurst


"Make time for community involvement. It is so important to stay connected and to give back. You can make a difference and build incredibly meaningful relationships no matter where you are in your career."

- Chandler Wilson Carroll


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