DeeDee Helbig of Ava Bella Day Spa

Ava Bella Day Spa was created by owner DeeDee Helbig in 2000 after she moved to Little Rock from San Diego. Coming to Arkansas made her realize she wanted to own her own day spa for two main reasons: she loved people and esthetics. In 2004, she opened Ava Bella, and since then has welcomed two kids, expanded the business and fought breast cancer head-on, all with the help of her staff and clients.

When the spa originally opened, there were just three employees. Before the pandemic, it was up to 20 employees, but is now back to a small group of nine, really allowing for building personal relationships with people and getting back to Helbig’s roots.

“My philosophy has always been to treat your staff as you want to be treated," she says. "They are the backbone of the business. They're like family. Without them, I wouldn't have a spa. A successful business that has survived a recession, cancer and now a pandemic? I'm very lucky and blessed to be in the position I am in.”

Ava Bella Day Spa
301 N. Shackleford Road C3
Little Rock, AR 72211