Trick-or-treating, haunted houses, fall festivals and everything else we’ve come to love about this season are more tricky than treatsie this year. While families all over central Arkansas are racking their brains for a way to celebrate, the Little Rock Zoo and Downtown Little Rock Partnership teamed up to concoct the perfect potion for a happy and safe Halloween.

Ghoulish, CDC-approved thrills hit the metro on Oct. 9 with Shadows at Sixth, an entirely contactless, family-friendly haunted Halloween drive-thru inside the parking deck at the corner of Sixth and Scott streets. The only one of its kind in Little Rock, it brings the perfect balance of fun and fright. 

"Shadows at Sixth is much more than just a fun Halloween event," DLRP Executive Director Gabe Holmstrom says. "It’s a sign of hope that events will return to normal, people will get together again and that the desire to support local businesses and organizations is strong."


How the Haunt Works

Drivers will enter the haunted parking deck at 600 Scott St. in downtown Little Rock where the fun will begin. Drivers will be met with ghostly ushers who will guide them to begin the journey. As their journey continues, drivers will enter foggy swamp lands and meet witches, swamp monsters and hungry alligators.

Survivors who make it to the next floor will be thrown into some of Arkansas’ most notable ghost stories. Drivers will experience these Arkansas ghost stories as they enjoy carefully crafted vignettes built and designed by the Arkansas Repertory Theatre and enhanced with dramatic lighting and special effects by CWP Productions and NightSyke Studios.

Those brave enough to continue may be able to escape through the madness, horror and ghostly beings to be met by a special finale surprise at the top of the parking deck. Once in the open air of the parking lot, the view of Little Rock at night is breathtaking, and it will be especially enhanced with the finale in store. Drivers will then exit the parking garage.


Pandemic Precautions

"We have done everything in our power to ensure we are following the public health guidelines and safety restrictions," Holmstrom says. "We want this to be a fun event for families, but more importantly, we want everyone to be safe."

  • Attendees may roll down their windows as they drive through the event, but they may not exit their vehicles at any time. 

  • No food or drink will be sold at the event. 

  • Tickets may be purchased with a card only. 

  • Staff and volunteers will be following all public health guidelines.

Shadows at Sixth is open every night through Oct. 31. Haunting hours are 7-10 p.m. Sunday-Thursday and 7-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $25 per vehicle if purchased in advance or $30 at the gate.

To purchase tickets, click here. To learn more about Shadows at Sixth, click here.