Tribute of Life Foundation celebrates life by enhancing the care received by palliative and hospice patients and their families at the end of life. Tribute of Life actively partners with Hospice Home Care, Spring Valley Hospice, Comfort Care Center and Palliative Community Resources to feed the hungry, educate communities about end of life choices and add life to days when time is short.


Gifts and grants enhance care while connecting people with a heart to serve others with those who need comfort.

• Memorials and honorariums are a way to remember and honor those we love and respect.

• Hospice food pantries help feed those struggling with a terminal illness.

• Meals of Comfort helps care for families staying with loved ones at the end of life.

• Best Day Ever celebrates life with patients who have a special wish.


Life Lights - Christmas lights purchased in honor of loved ones keep memories vibrant and support the Tribute of Life mission to enhance care for palliative and hospice patients. Make the season bright and enjoy a stroll through the festive Comfort Care Center garden at 2200 Bowman Road in December.


Giving your time is priceless to someone whose days are long but whose time is short. It’s the small things that become most important when we lose much of our independence. Consider...

• Making a craft or helping your kids make something for patients as a surprise gift

• Working a few hours at a local branch office to assemble patient admission packets

• Buying a set of extra-long twin size sheets for a home-bound patient’s hospital bed

• Celebrating patient birthdays, anniversaries and Veterans Day

• Help organize a Best Day Ever for a patient with a special wish

• Reading, singing or playing an instrument for patients who love visitors, but have few

• Making TLC calls to patients and families once a week

• Delivering groceries from the hospice food pantry to patient homes once a month

• Shopping for a patient who needs a few important items once a week

• Cooking or providing a meal once a month for a family caregiver who needs a break

• Mowing the yard for a house-bound patient who will enjoy watching from their window

12120 Colonel Glenn Road, Ste. 10,000
Little Rock, AR 72210

Established: 2014
Employees: 2
Service Area: Statewide

CEO: Cathy Newhouse Carollo RN, BSN, MA


  • 10,000+
    Patients since 2014


Memorial Gifts: 55%
Employees: 35%
Grants: 5%
Other Public Giving: 5%