Several LCCC staff members are prepared in their COVID-19 awareness shirts.

Lee County Cooperative Clinic (LCCC) exists to maximize the health and wellness of our community through health promotion and education, providing affordable high-quality health care services and mobilizing health resources for our community.

LCCC was established in 1969 in response to drastic medical needs in the Arkansas Delta. Many of those same needs still exist today, as we serve one of the poorest counties in the state and country. As a comprehensive health care center, we work diligently to provide a full service of needs to patients — including dental, pharmacy and transportation — regardless of their ability to pay.


• The COVID-19 pandemic has decreased our patient visits drastically. We’re working to continue to employ our staff without furlough.

• Our current facility was built in 1973. We have outgrown the space and are in need of funding for a new facility.

• We want to provide high-risk patients with remote monitoring devices, allowing them to be proactive in their care at home and alert us to needs.

• Assistance in funding new, innovative programs for our patients (i.e., telehealth and chronic care management)

530 W. Atkins Blvd.
Marianna, AR 72360

Established: 1969
Employees: 50
Service Area: Lee, St. Francis and Phillips counties

CEO: Kellee Farris