Amanda Isbell's bandana from the Esse Museum Store. Bracelets from Bella Vita.

The Bernice Garden manager and lover of all things local shows us her favorite parts of the city.

Never gets old: Anything about the Arkansas River. I love being on it, in it and near it. Power boat or kayak, the River Trail, the bridges, I love it all.

Park: The Bernice Garden. I love to grab a baleada from the El Sur food truck and enjoy the flowers buzzing with tiny pollinators, notice a sculpture’s angle I hadn’t noticed before and pet all the dogs. My pack and I also love the dog park at MacArthur Park.

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Seasonal activity: The Travs!

An afternoon with friends: It would start with a trip to the Bernice Garden Farmers Market, then to my kitchen and a late lunch on my front deck in Historic Central High Neighborhood.

Wardrobe staple: Neck scarves and bandanas. I always enjoyed wearing them, now I get to wear them every day!

Museum: The Esse Museum is history, politics and culture. It’s fascinating and unique.

Gift shop:  Has to be Bella Vita. I love her handmade jewelry.

Dish: The Caesar salad from Ciao Italian or the vegetarian pho from Mike’s Cafe on Asher.

Cocktail: The bloody mary at Raduno’s. There is a slice of cold pizza on top! Also, it’s not a cocktail, but I’m a big fan of the iced tea at Boulevard Bread Co. on Main Street.

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