There are two types of readers who scope out our Arkansas Giving Guide each year: those in the midst of planning their philanthropic contributions for the year or budgeting for the next, and those who wish they had extra funds to make philanthropic contributions.

Dear reader, if you don’t already know, you don’t have to have a Scrooge McDuck vault of gold coins in order to serve Arkansans in need. A degree in print journalism certainly didn’t land me such a vault, but three years as editor of Soirée has provided a gold mine of information on how to help local nonprofits.

Volunteer Opportunities: Even from home or a safe social distance, groups will gladly take (and are in desperate need of) your spare time. Ask how you can help an effort already in motion or brainstorm a new one.

Social Media: So many nonprofits we’ve learned about in recent years weren’t introduced in press releases, but because my team and I spotted them on social media. The same is probably true for your favorite groups, so return the favor and share the online love.

Fundraisers & Events: Not every philanthropic event is a black-tie gala. In fact, the vast majority aren’t, and they are affordable. Go ahead and buy the virtual event ticket. Netflix will still be there when it’s over. Event get outright canceled? Make a donation in the amount of the ticket price.

Giving Opportunities: This is the heart of the guide. Sure, every nonprofit would love to have a pile of money dropped in their laps, but they also need stability. If you can only swing $10 or $20 a month, it’s still as good as gold to the hardworking folks behind the scenes.

In our 2020 Giving Guide, you’ll find profiles of more than 40 nonprofits breaking down the basics of their work and what they need to keep doing it. Find an organization you align with and let’s get giving.