Show your support for this local arts nonprofit with a game of virtual bingo. 

Without the annual Acansa Arts Festival of the South this September, there's a big arts and culture hole in our hearts. Lucky for us, Acansa has come up with a fun and socially distanced activity slated for Thursday, Sept. 10. Bingo ExtravAcansa will kick off at 7 p.m. with great prizes awaiting winners. 

Players can purchase their virtual bingo cards here. Cards will be delivered with wine, links to play and yummy chocolate card markers. 

The bingo activity will help keep Acansa "in the game" while they prepare for the 2021 Acansa Arts Festival of the South. Reservations are limited, so purchase your bingo cards for $25 today. For more info, head to Acansa's Facebook page.

Join us for Bingo ExtravACANSA on September 10th at 7 pm for a chance to win great prizes! Get your cards for virtual...

Posted by ACANSA Arts Festival on Tuesday, August 25, 2020