Summer may be winding down, but summertime activities are not. MP Outdoor Cinema is a new, socially distanced, outdoor cinema experience featuring a 20-by-36 foot screen and a 200-car capacity. 

Located at 6700 Allied Way in Little Rock, MP Outdoor Cinema will have showings every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights with pop-up appearances from local food trucks sprinkled in. Tickets cost $30 for a four-person vehicle. 

Here's a peek at the opening weekend's stacked lineup:

With rainy weather in the forecast this weekend, the cinema released an updated inclement weather policy. If a showing is cancelled before the gates open, guests will receive an email with a 100% discount code for any future purchase. The movie will be rescheduled, but the voucher is good for any future movie. If the event is cancelled after the gates open, guests will be asked to leave and a staff member will hand out rain checks at the gate that will be valid for any future movie.

Aug. 27's showing of "Dirty Dancing" has been rescheduled due to weather and a new date is TBD. 

For more info, follow along on MP Outdoor Cinema's Facebook page