Ah, quarantine life. It's brought much of our lives to a standstill, even if we're keeping work hours. It's caused us to find new hobbies, new skills and new perspectives. 

We asked readers to share what they've learned in the past few months, across the spectrum from life lessons to skin care. Here's what you said. 


What have you learned during quarantine?


"Stress management and frisbee."

- Billy-Joe


"Back when I got my cosmetology license, braided hair hadn’t really regained popularity yet, so I’ve been working on learning a couple of different braiding techniques."

- Lacey


"Less is more. Back to basics, y’all."

- Kimberly


"How big of a group fitness fan I am."

- Maddie


"How important the people in my life are to me and the significance of relationships in general."

- Mila


"Dermaplaning facials. I’m great at them!"

- Bliss


"I’ve learned that it takes more discipline than I had imagined for me to work at home. Also, I learned that I actually CAN run and even halfway enjoy it. Who knew??"

- Velma


"I should not cut hair."

- Brittany


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