In life there is only loving and learning. If you are not loving who you are with or what you are doing, then you are learning from it.

Tharwat Lovett uses methods that are safe, positive, anonymous and confidential in nature. Her methods are an alternative to more traditional forms of therapy with emphasis placed less on diagnosing psychological disorder and more on promoting psychological and emotional wellness.

She uses a variety of techniques, including talk therapy, in which the client, alongside Lovett, may discover the inception of maladaptive ideas, beliefs or patterns; humanistic therapy that identifies mental and emotional blocks that may be holding the client back; and cognitive therapy that helps build perspective and strengthens the client’s ability to cognitively reframe.

Lovett uses her masters in applied psychology and years of self-development research to help clients develop an individualized action plan for creating the change or achieving the goals they wish to see in life.

Lovett is the co-founder and chief program officer of {Shift}her, a mastermind group model for women designed by women to help them shift their mindset and level up in business and life. Lovett is also the co-founder of Mindful Blend Retreats, a powerful blend of life coaching, hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation where women explore the courage, persistence and patience it takes to thrive in the life they were born to live.


• Group and individual life and wellness coaching

• Marriage and family coaching

• Workshop retreat facilitation

• Public speaking

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Little Rock
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