Tucker Martin, Director of Market Development; John Cunningham, Business Manager; Ryne Wood, Regional Detox Specialist; George Weaver, COO; Scott Passafiume LPC, IAADC, Treatment Coordinator; Robert Keech RN, Healthcare Coordinator; Kaki McClellan, Admissions Coordinator; Matt Brooks, Admissions Coordinator; Ava Titsworth IADC, NCAC II, ICD-D, Clinical Supervisor

Serenity Park Recovery Center believes it is impossible to face the future when you are trapped in the darkness of addiction or alcoholism. If you have a friend, loved one, or employee who is struggling right now, Serenity Park is ready to help.

Serenity Park Recovery Center is a privately owned, premium care, residential substance abuse treatment center with medical detoxification services. They are committed to providing holistic, evidence-based treatment to those they serve, empowering them to enjoy a lifetime of recovery and healthy living.

Serenity Park understands how frustrating it can be to find a substance abuse treatment solution. They believe it is reckless and irresponsible to trap someone in a seemingly endless admissions process that leaves them in limbo and puts their life at risk.

That is why Serenity Park is committed to a detox and residential intake process that is fast, efficient and accessible. They can, in most cases, provide:

• immediate admission for medical or observational detox

• residential treatment admission in four-six hours, not four-six days

• luxurious sober living homes for post-treatment transitions

If you or someone you know is trapped in the darkness of addiction or alcoholism, call today. Serenity Park can help get you moving toward a balanced, healthy life.

Privately Owned • Premium Care • Empowered Recovery


• Subacute medical substance abuse detox

• Observational substance abuse detox

• Residential substance use disorder treatment

2711 W. Roosevelt Road
Little Rock

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