Time is a social construct. That was a lesson learned pretty early on in the stay-at-home game. Every article about how to work from home says to get dressed and set up a workspace, but it’s not that easy. So I picked the brains of Team Soirée on the little things they do each workday at home to trick their minds into go mode, and I’m definitely stealing some of these for myself.

Todd Traub


I use two coffee cups: my “home” mug, which varies depending on what I pull out of the cabinet, and a “work” mug I picked out to keep at my desk. Once I fill my work mug and head to my seat, it’s on.

Maddie Brodell

Advertising Coordinator

WFH life has definitely been a transition, but I am trying to make sure my mind is in the right space. Before I start my day, I like to take a 10-20 minute Peloton yoga or meditation class to get my mind in the zone. Then during lunch, I love to take Pure Barre live stream classes to keep my adrenaline going for the rest of the day.

Jess Ardrey


I listen to specific music during work hours (nothing I can really jam to or I won’t focus). The Lush LoFi playlist on Spotify is great. And although I’m definitely not wearing full-on work attire, putting on my watch somehow tricks my mind into thinking I’m going to a place to do a thing.

Mandy Richardson


After I sit down at my desk with a thermos of coffee, I make a list of my top three work to-do’s each morning to help me stay on track. I also schedule at least one video call per day so that I am forced to get dressed in something other than my PJs and at least put on a little makeup each day.

Betsy Smith

Account Executive

Each morning I go through the house and open the blinds in all the rooms to let the light in and “open” for the day. Even on cloudy and rainy days it helps me to see the outside world coming in through the window.

Bethany Johnson

Advertising Coordinator

I take a shower and have my coffee every morning before I start work. I’m not saying I look nice after the shower, it just helps to keep the routine.

Vince Palermo

Art Director

I like using a different user profile on my computer for when I "clock in" so that only my work applications and web links are visible. It gets me in the right mindset.

Bliss Mosley

Assistant to the Publisher

I turn on all of the overhead lights in my kitchen and living room. Once I am done working for the day, I turn them off and chill with my lamps. Sounds strange, but it helps.

Lydia McAllister


I highly recommend socks. The weirder the better. They’re like shoes for inside and I somehow feel more professional wearing them while I work? I’ve been wearing Halloween socks all week.