The COVID-19 quarantine has hit us hard. We’re feeling anxious, uncertain and, with the near-constant rainfall and dreary days, stir-crazy. We’re trying our best to stay focused, but many of us are struggling with low productivity and morale as we adjust to working remotely.

The good news? There’s a way to help power through this quarantine slump. It simply takes a little dirt. Here are just benefits indoor plants can bring to your at-home office, during COVID-19 and all year round:

  • Better health: Plants are proven to help reduce sick days. They naturally filter toxins like mold, benzene and formaldehyde and help produce humidity and clean oxygen for us to breathe. For low-maintenance choices, look for pothos or spider and snake plants. If you’d prefer a flowering plant, consider hearty peace lilies.

  • Lower anxiety: According to therapists, gardening can help treat mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. In fact, research shows being around plants lowers blood pressure and heart rates in stressful situations. Choose easy-to-care flowering varieties like African violets or lipstick plants to add color to your space, decrease your anxiety and enhance your overall mood.

  • Improved productivity: Studies suggest workers are 15% more productive when houseplants are nearby. We can boost our output and our creativity with plants that stimulate our senses such as lavender, rosemary, basil, mint or lemon balm. For the same impact and less upkeep, incorporate cut flower arrangements featuring roses, dianthus or gardenias.

We may be temporarily stuck inside, but we can still reap the benefits of the outdoors with potted plants and flowers.

Happy digging, everyone!


Christina Day is an event coordinator with Tipton & Hurst, which has been one of the state’s leading florists since 1886 with five locations in central Arkansas. 


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