Style with a dose of philanthropy is something we can get behind. 

The Heights' newest boutique, Feelinthropic, is more than just a women's store. When owner Samantha Stocks was brainstorming the name for her boutique, she wanted to make sure the store was giving back to local charities like Special Olympics of Arkansas, Save Haven, The Centers for Youth and Families and Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Pulaski Co.

When shoppers buy an item at Feelinthropic, 10% of every purchase will be given to a designated charity that rotates monthly. Plus, when you buy Feelinthropic-branded merchandise, all proceeds will be donated to that monthly charity, as well. 

As far as the fashion goes, Feelinthropic is filled with modern and contemporary brands like Buddy Love, Dear John, 7 Diamonds, Another Love, Wanderlux, Elan International and Young at Heart. 

The boutique is located at 5717 Kavanaugh Blvd. For more info, follow along on Facebook or Instagram

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