You’ve interviewed your friends and Googled all you can Google, but there’s still a sense of unease when it comes to your first go at any sort of procedure.

From mammograms to spray tans, we got experts to map out what to expect to help quell the waiting room jitters.

Your First Facial

“After a good skin analysis and skin and health history, you’ll change into a robe or smock, put your hair in a cap and remove necklaces and earrings. After the initial cleansing, you’ll receive a manual exfoliation, followed by a massage and then extractions to clear out any clogged pores. Finally, you’ll have a masking session that is customized to your skin type and skin care needs. Then we ‘dress’ your skin in the proper skin care ending with sunscreen. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and cleansed with glowing skin.”

- Laura Turner, licensed aesthetician
Advanced Aesthetics of Arkansas

Your First Colonoscopy

“Getting a colonoscopy is no big deal these days. A couple small drinks to clean you out and a liquid-only diet the day before and you’re all set. You’ll sleep through the entire procedure. It’s a safe and effective test everyone should have every few years starting around age 45.”

- Dr. Jason Mizell, colorectal surgeon
UAMS Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute

Your First Skin Exam

“A full skin exam is noninvasive. When visiting a board-certified dermatologist for this, patients can expect this exam to be thorough, fairly quick, professional and easy. Scheduling this exam is important and just may save your life.”

- Dr. Hayden Franks, dermatologist
Franks Dermatology

Your First Mammogram

“After answering a few questions, you will undress from the waist up and change into a robe. A trained technologist will gently position your breasts between two plastic plates. Mild compression is applied while taking the images, and patients are only compressed to their tolerance. At least two images are taken from different angles of each breast, more with implants. The images are then reviewed by the radiologist.”

- Dr. Stacy Smith-Foley, medical director
The Breast Center at CARTI

Your First Spray Tan

“Spray tans have become a quick, easy and more healthy method to obtain a natural glow. Prepping for a spray tan includes exfoliating the skin, any hair removal (shaving, waxing, etc.) and making sure the skin is free of lotion, perfume and deodorant. Afterward, maintain the spray tan by using unscented soaps and lotions, moisturizing one to two times daily and avoiding excess sweating and saunas.”

- Megan Torres Booth, airbrush tan specialist
Fringe Benefits

Your First Laser Hair Removal

“Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent way to lessen or reduce hair growth. It is a process that takes more than one treatment to see results. You will receive a topical anesthetic on your skin to reduce any discomfort, and the procedure takes only a few minutes depending on size. We recommend shaving (not waxing) before your treatment for best results. Darker pigmented hair achieves a better response to laser hair removal than lighter hair.”

- Dr. Eric Wright, plastic surgeon
Wright Plastic Surgery
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Your First Facial Rejuvenation Laser

“Aesthetic lasers can greatly improve the appearance of dark spots and diminish wrinkles. All lasers have a certain amount of downtime, some a couple of days and others a couple of weeks. It really depends on how aggressive you’re willing to go with your treatment. If a more aggressive laser treatment is performed, the more down time you will have after the treatment. With more aggressive treatments, there is more risk, but the end results will be more dramatic. Of course, with less aggressive laser treatments, there is less down time with less risks and less dramatic results.”

- Dr. Suzanne Yee, cosmetic surgeon
Dr. Suzanne Yee Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center

Your First Filler

“Botox temporarily relaxes muscles in the face that cause lines and wrinkles. There is no downtime and it starts working in three to five days, is fully set at two weeks and lasts three to four months. Dermal filler adds volume to your face by lifting and smoothing areas of volume loss. Results are immediate and last one to two years with minimal downtime with swelling and bruising. Most importantly, choose a properly trained and experienced physician/RN that can tailor a treatment plan for you based on your individual needs.”

- Rachel Sims, aesthetic nurse injector
Franks Dermatology

New Tech, Better Breast Health

“Recent news regarding silicone gel breast implants has heightened concern for appropriate long-term breast implant monitoring. The FDA has recently confirmed that high resolution ultrasound is as effective as MRI for screening for fluid collections and implant rupture. We can now perform an ultrasound in-office to provide long-term screening of breast implants. Any patients who have silicone gel breast implants, or perhaps are not aware of what type of implant they have, are welcome to set up a screening appointment.”

- Dr. Gene Sloan, plastic surgeon
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery