Like every woman I know, the pace of my life is busy, busy. Thankfully, over the years I’ve figured out a morning routine that sets me up to have the best day possible.



1. Sleep! 

Getting enough sleep makes the difference between me having a good day or a hard day. I am unrelenting about getting at least 7.5 hours each night. More than once I’ve told my husband (a night owl) that I’m going to bed only to have him look up in horror and say, “Jean, it’s only 8:45?!”


2. A hard-charging workout 

My morning is not complete without this. Whether it’s my strength training and conditioning classes three times a week at Arkansas Fitness and Athletics, or the sprint intervals I do on alternate days, these intense workouts leave me feeling strong, accomplished and like I can handle anything the day throws at me. 


3. The daily paper 

Most mornings I peruse the front page and the Arkansas section of the daily paper. Although I don’t work for the City of Little Rock, my utility (Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority) is a municipal entity and plays a vital role in the city. Given this, I like to know what’s happening within local government and City Hall.


4. Music 

My daily work is cerebral and involves complex issues. I’ve always listened to NPR during my morning commute, but last year I realized the news stories were mentally weighing me down, so I switched to music. My selection is based on what I have that day. If I’ve got to slay dragons, Beyoncé is in rotation. Otherwise, it’s PJ Morton or Stevie Wonder. 


Jean Block is the chief legal officer at Little Rock Water Reclamation Authority, the sewer utility for the City of Little Rock. In addition to her chief counsel role, she oversees three divisions in the utility. Outside of work, Jean loves to travel, be outdoors (especially on the River Trail) and volunteer her time with local nonprofits.



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