Cheese dip — not to be confused with queso — is one of Arkansas' tastiest delicacies. Lucky for us all, there's an event dedicated to just that. The ninth annual World Cheese Dip Championship will be held on Saturday, Oct. 5, at the Clinton Presidential Center grounds. 

The fest features a wide variety of cheese dips for attendees to try and then vote on to determine the world cheese dip champions. The People's Choice Award will be chosen by attendees and the Judges' Choice Awards will be chosen by the fest's judging panel. 

Ahead of the fest, we chatted with event chair Anna Morshedi about what folks can expect at the World Cheese Dip Championship and a few fun new additions to this year's event.


How did you get involved with the World Cheese Dip Championship?

Anna Morshedi: My husband and I have been involved with Harmony Health Clinic (the beneficiary of the event) since its inception. After becoming a stay-at-home mom, I found myself with a flexible volunteer schedule and the skill set needed to take on chairing the World Cheese Dip Championship. It's very rewarding to use my past career experience in corporate brand management and marketing for something so fun and meaningful.


For someone who's never been, how would you describe it?

AM: An Arkansas food festival with thousands of cheese dip-loving fans coming together to cast their vote for the world’s best cheese dip.


How many different cheese dips can folks expect to try this year?

AM:This year we are expecting over 30 competitors. That equates to over 57,000 single servings of cheese dip. Come hungry!


I know there's going to be a special kids area this year. What can you tell me about that?

AM: Our kid zone will include an inflatable obstacle course, interactive demonstrations from our friends at the Museum of Discovery, food trucks for those hungry little tummies and a grassy area with music and picnic tables where families can relax.


Any other new things up your sleeve for this year?

AM: We continue to find ways to make our event family-friendly. This year we are adding a baby feeding/changing station to support new parents.


Tell me about the organization that funds from the World Cheese Dip Championship will go toward, Harmony Health Clinic.

AM: Every dip makes a difference. Harmony Health Clinic provides free medical and dental services to the uninsured in central Arkansas. We have so many people right here in our community who need access to health care. Purchasing a ticket to the World Cheese Dip Championship helps give the most vulnerable in our community the medical care they need.


What's one of your favorite things about this event?

AM: My favorite part of the event is being able to cast my vote for my favorite cheese dip. The People’s Choice voting process gives all attendees the chance to be a food judge for a day. Make sure your taste buds are ready!


For more info, head to the World Cheese Dip Championship website.

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