Louka made his way past a panel of judges, two rounds of reader voting and dozens of furry competitors to win the title of Little Rock Soirée’s Cutest Dog 2019. Now meet the spunky pup who took home the crown.

Loukanikos (aka Louka)

Breed: Terrier mix
Owners: Brittany Wood and Cameron Still
Personality: “Smart, spunky and stubborn, but all with the best of intentions.”

Brittany’s favorite thing about Louka:

“I love how good Louka is with other dogs. He can play with just about anyone, and has never met a dog he didn’t like. He’s very good at tempering his play style to best fit his playmates; he can be dominant or submissive, gentle with the small dogs or rougher with the big ones. He just wants to make sure everyone has a good time!”

How Louka came home:

“Louka was CARE’s first rescue of 2019. He came to CARE (Central Arkansas Rescue Effort for Animals) on Jan. 1 after a dog owner had an accidental litter of puppies. I met him the next day when we came back to work (I’m CARE’s volunteer coordinator) and took him home that night to foster.

"My fiancé and I fell in love right away. We put up with lots of accidents and sleepless nights, but it was all worth it because Louka was such a fun little guy. I knew I wanted to adopt, and I begged my fiancé to let me, but he said no. Then one day I came to work at CARE and there was an adoption contract on my desk for Louka with our names on it! He’d tricked me and planned the adoption with my coworker.

"Since then, Louka’s come to work with me nearly every day where he greets visitors and makes the new dogs feel welcome by getting them to relax and play. I think he really helps show the other dogs that CARE is a fun, happy place and that they don’t need to be scared, that their lives are only going to get better once they come here.”

Louka’s Favorites:

Treat: Nudges Grillers
Park: MacArthur Dog Park
Toy: Hol-ee Roller ball or SwiftPaws home lure
Activity: Going to Bark Bar with his best friend and CARE alumni Parrot
Guilty pleasure: Eating cat poop