Teammates Omar, Jordan and Colleen keep a watchful eye on their competition.

It's not summer without baseball, but thanks to the Arkansas River flood, the Miracle League field in Little Rock is still experiencing a rain delay.

Miracle League athletes are still awaiting the go-ahead to begin playing ball at their field in Riverdale. During the historic Arkansas River flooding, the field became submerged in water — causing damage to the specialized field made of rubber tiles safe for kids of all abilities. Before athletes can begin using the field again, the 25,000 tiles have to be cleaned and sanitized. 

To get the field back in shape, Miracle League is hosting a Flood the Field With Love event, asking volunteers to help clean the field so athletes can get back to the game. There are shifts available this week and next. To sign up for a timeslot, click here.

Teenagers are welcome to sign up and volunteer as well, but they should be at least 13 since there are cleaning chemicals involved in the process and volunteers need to follow specific instructions.

The field is located on Water Works Drive in Little Rock and directions are available online. For more info about the Miracle League, head to the website.