Let's imagine a scenario. You loaded up on houseplants for the summer and, save for the one succulent trudging on despite your overwatering tendencies, you've unintentionally created a graveyard of houseplants past. Hypothetically. 

If this sounds a bit too real, The Good Earth Garden Center is here to help. The garden is hosting Houseplant Parenting Week to teach novice plant parents just how easy raising houseplants can be. Houseplant Parenting Week (Aug. 5-10) will help even the most discouraged plant parent find their green thumb.

The week will also mark the grand opening of Good Earth's potting bar, which provides customers with everything they need to take home a perfectly potted plant. The garden will also be rolling out blog posts full of tips and tricks to keeping your plants alive along with special savings mentioned exclusively in the posts.

Good Earth will also host four free classes on Aug. 9 and 10. Here's a peek at what you can expect: 

Good Earth team members will be available to give additional advice before and after the classes. And while you're there, it might be time to pick up a few new plants of your own from Good Earth's wide selection.

For more info about Houseplant Parenting Week, head to Good Earth's website.

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