Hello again, August. We haven’t missed your stifling heat and humidity. For many of us, summertime in Arkansas means hopping from one air-conditioned spot to the next. However, this poses a problem for those of us trying to live a greener life without fully melting into a living puddle.

For those hoping to ditch their keys, look no further than Metroplan’s Ozone Action Days. Now through September, Metroplan is encouraging us to take small steps — from carpooling to work to walking to lunch — to help reduce harmful ground-level ozone and protect air quality in central Arkansas.

Need help getting started? Here are five easy ways you can make a difference.

Take it outside: Forget driving to the gym. Enjoy the Arkansas outdoors by walking or biking in the morning at one of our local trails like the Big Dam Bridge or Two Rivers Park. You’ll knock that workout off your list and, as an added bonus, you’ll save the environment from some extra CO2.

Experience downtown by streetcar: Hop on a Rock Region Metro (RRM) streetcar to enjoy downtown’s thriving arts, cultural and culinary scene. Right now, RRM is offering free rides on its 3.4-mile trolley route. With free Wi-Fi and air conditioning (#blessed), there’s no better time to choose this environmentally-friendly option.

Hit your stride: Live too far from work to walk every day in these brutal August temperatures? No worries. Instead of driving to lunch or meetings, walk instead. You’ll burn some calories and, over time, significantly limit your emissions.

Combine errands with friends: Shopping is always better with a friend. Make your weekly errands like hitting the grocery store, dry cleaners or farmers market more enjoyable by carpooling with others. One less car on the streets means less pollution in our community.

Telecommute: Is there anything better than working from the comfort of your couch? We think not. Be productive in your athleisure while boosting your mental health and reducing your carbon footprint.

Show how you’re making a difference around town by tagging us at #HeySoiree. For more information about Ozone Action Days, visit DitchTheKeys.com.