If you've ever been to the Museum of Discovery, then you've likely been delighted by the museum's Tesla coil. Fans of the famed inventor Nikola Tesla are invited to "Shock the Rock" — a Tesla-themed, free event on Saturday, July 20, on the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Center.  

"Shock the Rock" will feature electrical engineer and scientists Greg Leyh's latest Tesla coil tower — his third invention that will exceed the predecessors in height, power and the ability to produce "lightning on demand." Leyh's latest world-record coil will be situated on a large concrete pad, keeping guests safe from the 60-foot bolts of lightning. 

"I am thrilled Entergy and the other sponsors provided the funding necessary to bring this amazing device to Little Rock," Leyh says. "This will be the first time anyone outside California or New York has gotten the chance to experience it. I look forward to presenting some of the rare and mysterious electrical effects you get with 60-foot bolts and 3 million volts of electricity."

The Tesla coil festivities will begin at 6 p.m. and the show will begin at 8:45. Food trucks and beer will be available for purchase. Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets to watch the coil do its thing. 

"Shock the Rock" is the first of two major Tesla-focused events the Museum of Discovery will present in five days. Science After Dark on July 25 will be a Tesla-themed birthday party and will feature some of his well and lesser-known inventions. 

For more information about "Shock the Rock" or Science After Dark, visit the MoD's website or call 501-396-7050.

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