On May 16, Little Rock Soirée magazine held its inaugural Soirée Women’s Leadership Symposium, a half-day event where more than 250 people turned out to hear from experts, executives and influencers focusing on women in the workplace.

Now, Soirée is launching The Work Wife, a new monthly e-newsletter highlighting all things women and business. The symposium website reads:

She knows your coffee order. She proofreads your emails. She helps you work smarter. Welcome to The Work Wife, a monthly e-newsletter with everything from personal finance tips to branding guidance to the best local spots to network.

According to Soirée publisher Mandy Richardson, the e-newsletter will pull from local experts who will speak to a variety of topics such as entrepreneurship, health and wellness and maneuvering negotiations, all through the female lens.

"When we dreamed up the first Soirée Women's Leadership Symposium, my catch phrase was 'beyond the symposium,'" Richardson says. "I didn't want the discussion and the momentum to begin and end on May 16. I wanted to create an outlet for us to continue the conversation on a monthly basis, and The Work Wife does just that."

To sign up for The Work Wife, click here.


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