In what has quickly become a favorite of the Soirée team, our July issue features some of the most breathtaking homes in Little Rock. However, no matter how much I may want to move into each and every one of them, they don’t quite feel like my home.

Now, what makes home home is a picture painted a little differently by everyone. And while family is a major piece, this is about where you let down your guard, when you feel settled in after a trip or a long day at work.

For me, and maybe I’m regressing, but right now home looks like a big breakfast on Saturday morning while streaming ‘90s cartoons on Hulu.

As we settle into the season of summer vacations, it’s nice to remember what we have waiting for us back in the 501. Here’s what says “home” to Team Soirée.

Vince Palermo

Art Director

Home is working in the yard on the weekend, followed by lounging in the kiddie pool with my daughter.

Maddie Brodell

Advertising Coordinator

The trees that line Pleasant Valley Drive in west Little Rock. In college that was one of my favorite things to see before I pulled in the driveway!

Tre Baker

Deputy Online Editor

Our open floorplan allows us to spend time together while also giving each of us space of our own.

Kelli Roy

Marketing & Events Assistant

Arkansas has some extraordinary scenery, so when I get the chance to see our rolling hills, beautiful skyline and breathe in all that good natural air, I feel most at home.

Bethany Johnson

Advertising Coordinator

I feel home when I take an evening walk around our lake and then watch the sunset on our porch.

Sloane Grelen

Account Executive

Home is the smell of sweet tea brewing while I make guacamole and my husband puts tortillas on the griddle for burritos after a bike ride on Maumelle’s trails.

Todd Traub

Contributing Editor

It’s all about weekend “chair time.” Relaxing with my coffee and laptop or book in my corner easy chair, watching the neighborhood go by out my picture window.

Lydia McAllister

Contributing Writer

“Home” took on a much deeper meaning for my family after our house was completely leveled in the 2011 Joplin tornado. The home that my parents re-built has been infused with so much love in the past years that any chance I get to walk in that door, I immediately feel enveloped in the warm fuzzies.