It doesn't get more American than this, folks. Today is National Hamburger Day and we are ready to celebrate. Join us in making good choices and indulging in the best burgers in Little Rock. Here are some of our favorites.


The Root Cafe

Each burger is ground fresh and comes from small-farmed and pasture-raised beef at Simon Farms in Conway, served on an Arkansas Fresh Bakery bun topped with in-season lettuce and tomato. This SoMa cafe can do no wrong.


Big Orange, 17809 Chenal Parkway, 821-1515

Big Orange

There's a good chance Big Orange is the first place that comes to mind when you think of burgers, and for good reason. But don't get distracted by their May special, keep your eye on the burger lineup to find specialties like the Maytag Blue burger topped with blue cheese, pepper jelly, butter leaf lettuce, tomatoes and red onion (our editor's fave!).


Capital Bar & Grill, 111 W. Markham St., 374-7474

Capital Bar & Grill

You don't become a menu staple in the middle of downtown without earning your keep. CBG's seven ounces of in-house ground, all-natural beef topped with its signature pimento cheese, bacon and caramelized onions does exactly that. Throw in a side of parmesan fries and it's all over.


Cotham's Famous Hubcab Cheeseburger


When a restaurant's tagline is "home of the hubcap burger," you know you're in for a treat. There's even a hubcap hamburger steak (covered in brown gravy and onions, no less) if you feel like mixing it up.


David's Burgers

These burgs are well-loved around these parts, and one stop by one of their four locations in Little Rock will prove why. Plus, if we're being honest, any place that drops off complimentary fries directly to your table is a winner in our book.